Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Is TV Getting A Makeover???

So, I just got done watching my first episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (it was the Boardman, OH edition, which is 20 minutes from me). And, just last week, my wife convinced me to watch the final episode of the latest The Biggest Loser contest.

After watching those shows, my outlook on TV has changed a little. Those two shows (and hopefully a lot more in the future) are examples of what I think can be called “redemptive television.” They move beyond the idea of merely being entertaining, and the try to improve lives. And, they tend to spur their viewers on to doing the type of redemptive work that they’re advertising. The local news that preceded the Makeover show discussed the groups and organizations being formed in the Boardman area that want the idea of improving lives (and their community) to not stop with a one-time event. I’m sure that there are many people motivated by The Biggest Loser to shed those holiday pounds, after watching other “normal” people lose over 100 with just exercise and healthy eating.

Now, I’m sure that the all-powerful dollar plays a role in these shows being on the air. They’re popular, which means people want commercials during their time slots. And, I’m also not saying that TV can’t serve purely entertainment purposes (I’m a Seinfeld fan after all; the show about nothing). I guess it’s just encouraging, since you always hear about the junk that’s on TV, to see shows that have real and lasting meaning in real life.

Now, I need to go see if there are any late-night re-runs of Seinfeld on… :o)


Anonymous Jimmy T said...

I didn't know there was anything on TV other than sports. When did this happen???

John Burkey invented extreme makeover: boredman

5:07 PM  

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